We are based in the heart of the Marche, and have the distinction of Made in Italy since 1973: we create sophisticated and original items, producing exquisite art with passion, all crafted entirely in-house.  Our creations respond to the demands of the market, and our keen eye for detail ensures that our products are of the highest quality. 

Handcrafted products and strict quality control ensure our success in both the national and international marketplace


Camilletti is distinguished by its innovative design, representing high quality, superb value for money, a prompt service and guaranteeing a punctual production process.

The company manages the whole manufacturing process, which has the advantage of minimising the production and lead times, and enabling us to inspect the final product in fine detail.



Camilletti Argenterie Srl

Via Che Guevara, 34/C 60022 Castelfidardo (An)
Tel. +39 071/7820228 Fax +39 0717821768
P.Iva 00188360424

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